Irrigation in Africa with photovoltaic solar system and pumps on the Nile in Sudan Ethiopia and Egypt

Targeted irrigation with solar ensures good crops

Sub-Saharan peasants are increasingly hit by large droughts and sudden floods that destroy entire crops. In Sudan Egypt and Ethiopia, about 80 percent of the population are affected. How can agriculture bear fruit in arid regions? How can you manage vegetables fruits and livestock when the sun is there but water is missing?

Large and small photovoltaic or solar panels with solar pumps can pump water from deep down or from the Nile and thus ensure adequate irrigation with good harvests.

A specialist for irrigation systems is the iKratos Solar GmbH from Germany with sufficient Know How and Engineering countries near Saudi Arabia, e.g. Sudan Ethiopia and Egypt belifern and plan. By slotted engineers so large and small projects in the harvest and irrigation area are possible.