SunPower for all - photovoltaic-solar systems from ikratos germany

SunPower for all solar systems at the trade fair Intersolar Photovoltaik Companies Munich


SunPower for all  


The solar power photovoltaic system that everyone can afford. A solar system which is also social, and is available at iKratos for 5,990 €. 

A SunPower for all solar power plant in Munich, which produces around 2,500 kWh per year and therefore covers 100% of the entire electricity.

With a full warranty of 25 years, SunPower modules and SolarEdge inverters are installed completely. Each individual module can be monitored and optimized.  


The advantages:


· Complete SunPower photovoltaic system for up to 2,500 kWh of electricity annually

· 20 year warranty on SolarEdge inverters including individual optimizers

· SunPower high-performance modules with 327 Wp

· Minimum space requirements (approx. 10 m² area required)

· The SunPower system is tax-deductible

We take over the formalities with the electricity supplier

· The photovoltaic system supplies its own electricity and sells the electricity to the energy supplier

· The photovoltaic plant, which can also be tax-supported by employers

· Online retrievable with connection to the Internet

· Smartphone capable



IKratos - Fixed price 5.990 € VAT included

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