Drought in Africa continues to increase farmers

A solution has to be found: solar systems as irrigation system

The farmers in Africa, especially south of the Sahara, have a hard time. Large droughts or sudden floods can destroy the entire crop. In the countries of Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia, around 80% of the population is affected by these climatic conditions. A solution must be: solar systems with irrigation system.

Component - solar system
To solve the main component is the solar system, also known as photovoltaic system. The system consists of a large number of photovoltaic modules, depending on the desired size of the system, which produce electricity through solar radiation. A plant should also be adapted to the needs of Africa. The electricity produced by the solar modules is converted by an inverter into the required direct current. In addition, the system can be added a storage system, which thus offers the possibility of power storage. This allows farmers to irrigate their fields at night.
Component - water pump

A powered by water pump is the second important component of the system. The water pump allows the extraction of water from the groundwater or, for example, the Nile. The pump is operated by the electricity produced by the solar system. Farmers can use the water to irrigate their fields or their animals.

Component - Independence

Farmers in Africa can also achieve a degree of independence with such a system. This independence looks quite different than we aim for in Germany. The farmer wants to become independent from the rain in order to secure his existence. Also this kind of independence can offer a solar system in the right application.

A specialist for irrigation systems is iKratos Solar- und Energietechnik GmbH from Germany. Thanks to years of experience and the necessary know-how, irrigation systems for engineering countries near Saudi Arabia, e. Sudan, Ethiopia and Egypt are planned and delivered. Trained engineers make it possible to implement such small and large projects in collaboration with solar and irrigation systems.

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