Positive solar energy - Germany's citizens rely on their own environment-friendly solar power and storage

Positive solar energy - Germany's citizens rely on their own environment-friendly solar power and storage

With solar energy in Germany energy - photovoltaics - a win-win situation for money bags and the environment

Germany has about 84 million inhabitants - such a conglomerate in humans needs a lot of energy, that is beyond question. Solar and wind energy already generate more than 30% of the electricity in Germany. Because: Generating solar energy in Germany is not just about sustainable energy generation on the ground, it saves a lot of raw materials.

Own electricity from the roof

House owners rely on modern technology and lithium storage. That's how it works. Starting at 9,999 € you get your own solar system with battery storage, which generates electricity for a lifetime. How much you use it, you determine yourself. With memory you can store and generate almost 100% of your current. Companies like iKratos, from the Franconian Metropolregion Nürnberg install the 999 roof package ready and ready package in Nuremberg and the surrounding area.

Nuremberg as an international showcase region

The metropolitan area of Nuremberg can become a flagship region in the international arena when it comes to the energy policy of the emerging markets, which are now facing widespread energy choices. For these, Germany is still a model as a highly developed industrial country. To invest solar in Nuremberg, we see as a sustainable directional decision.

With Photovoltaik Solar in Nuremberg electricity gain

The scientists at the Max Planck Institute have found that in Germany only 50 percent less solar radiation is recorded than in the deserts of North Africa. That is, despite the often cloudy days, it is worthwhile to produce electricity in Nuremberg and the surrounding area. The basis for this is photovoltaics.

Solar on Germany's surface

Solar energy can be generated in Germany via solar energy systems installed on roofs or on open spaces - and this in an economic sense. The more you become independent of traditional utilities on the one hand and the ever-increasing raw material costs on the other hand, the more costs you save in times of rising energy prices.

Solar photovoltaic systems means to install

With solar systems, you can be independent from the raw material prices. They become more independent of the conventional energy supply companies. In Germany, too, solar power plants have only a limited impact on the landscape. No pollutants are released by the PV systems. Solar systems in Germany can be used in the long term. Not only for the environment, but also for your purse offers a sensible alternative.

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